A professional asshole. Often found eating donuts and inflicting misery upon others.
Cannot even entertain the idea that he/she could be wrong about something. In their minds, they are infallible.
Someone who hates fun.
I accidentally ran a stop sign today, and of course the asshole police were right there to give me a ticket. $400 and higher insurance for a single mistake, thanks popo.

Dude, there was a knife fight in the hall of my apartment. Took the popo 45 minutes to get there. Probably because they wouldn't be able to write anyone tickets, so it wasn't a priority.

Fuck the police.
by dantits April 17, 2010
People who are members of law enforcement. Most commonly known as the "protectors of society", they drive around giving people tickets for going 5 miles above the speed limit. They work for the government and no one else. They don't care about regular people.

They are also infamous for not giving two fucks about civil rights and tricking individuals into thinking they have no rights in a police confrontation (ex. telling a minor they have no rights because they're young, while they actually do.)

The "pig" stereotype came from their pushy, pissed off, bossy attitude. Also came from infamous cases of police misconduct. They are also called "pigs" for being arrogant and thinking of themselves as a gift to society, while a lot of people think the exact opposite.
The only difference between the Police and gangs are the badge.

Police: "We're here to help."

Rioters: "BULLSHIT!"
by Treasonous October 23, 2011
Scum of the earth. Faggots who got they ass kicked every day of high school so now they take all they anger out on innocent civilians. Any time they see a minority with a dark unidentified object they assume its a gun. Any time they see group of minoritys they assume its a gang. Complete abuse of power and waste of tax dollars. In my town they will ignore murderers and robbers then go after niggas who aint doin shit. They are hypocrites they say fighting is wrong but will attack u if u dont do what they tell u. they will arrest u if u carry a gun but they are never seen without one. they will arrest u for having weed, tell u not to do it, then go smoke it at their house and think they are dying. any minority in a nice car they will think he/she stole it and pull them over. there own personal hatred will drive them to beat and even sometimes kill minoritys: the case of baron pikes where officer scott nugent tasered the black man while he was in handcuffs until he died. even if they are not racist they are still corrupt like the case in missori where a boy with a broken back and ankle was tasered 19 times while he was already lying on the ground. in the end they are all faggots that are given to much power
like that other guys said the police should change they motto from protect and serve to protect nobody and serve ourselves
by SacTown Sucks March 02, 2009
police.......in 'hood' lingo the word police means to run or "lets get the fuck outta here nigga"

pronounced by African Americans as 'poe-lease' or 'poe-poe'
police!" "holy shit they comin fo me nigga
by osama bin jerry October 16, 2010
They're formal job is thought to protect and serve civilians. But in actuality, police is simply and truely bastards. According to journalists across America, Police officers hurt civilians more than they help.
Dude 1: Why did you get a ticket violation?
Dude 2: I got it 'cause I fed other people's parking meter and the meter maid witnessed me for doing it. It's not like it's illegal. She called the police over to ticket me.
Dude 1: The damn police pigs are fucking harsh!
Dude 2: I was doing it because Mancow did it and reported about it.
Dude 1: Yea, Mancow is cool like that.
by AgainstPolice May 29, 2009
Acronym = Pointless Overbearing Losers Intending Constant Exploitation
I hate the Police.

The police love to abuse their power in any way shape or form.
by William Stevenson October 02, 2014
The governmental department charged with the regulation and enforcement of the behaviors of a certain jurisdiction. Main authority is the power of arrest and ability to enforce the laws of the community. Without the presence of the police the world would collapse. God Bless the Police
The local Police Department does a mighty fine job.

Thugs will do anything until the Police show up.
by Brett C May 11, 2005

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