A man in uniform that carries a gun and makes women cream their jeans.
Woman: Oh my god!!! Police are sooo hot! Oh yes Officer anything you say Sir! Gotta love those badge bunnies <evil grin>
by Offcr April 24, 2006
Aka the Po-po. Yo, the popo took my extedo....i was so pissed yo...they getting gay now...but they do some good stuff....but not when they took my friend's weed and smoked it....
Did you see the po-po around here....can't even smoke without pissing yourself.
by Tyler February 13, 2004
"The Man"

It took you fucking hippie shit turd buglars long enough to figure out the truth. Yes we do like fucking with you and there's not a thing you can do about it. The best thing about the whole thing is that our pay comes out of your pockets in the form of taxes.
The police get a real laugh about you bitches thinking you can change anything.
by victimizer August 07, 2004

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