often refered to as the po po's, police cops, coppers, the fuzz, pigs, rent-a-cops(only referes to security guards and such ,
the police cop stoped me on the street.

a ret-a-cop kicked us out of the park
by kyle August 24, 2004
brave men and women who go out their on the streets and work their asses off for more then 12 hours a day working with the lowest form of life on this planet, yet they keep working. those of you who think a police officer has an easy job, their is truely, some weird shit going on inside your cranium.

they get cursed at and listen to niggers whine and complain all day, get complaints filed on them for doing the right thing, and still get 0 respect from any piece of scum they straighten out. or attempt to. i would give any police officer 100% rights to lay out anyone who argues them. you dont know what they go through.
he is a police, he does the right thing and still gets disrespected by those losers.
by EEEEHHHHHHHHHHya April 10, 2011
The toughest motherfuckers on the planet. Why? they put up with all the bitchin from all the people on this site. You'd think potheads would be calmer from all the shit they smoke when the police gank their shit.
You see that punk ass pothead kid fuckin with the police?

Hell yeah, cops tapped that ass!
by Grave diggin mofo September 20, 2004
"people change their minds when they find themselves needing the police". They've got us over a barrel cos the state has smashed mutual support networks and then makes everyone go to the state on its own terms, in which case we're then supposed to feel grateful to the bastards whose fault it is that we "need" them in the first place. If cops were doing such a good job, there wouldn't be any crime so we wouldn't "need" to call them at all. All societies with states have high crime rates whereas primitive societies had no crime even though there were no cops. Anyway, if you happen to need help, you're as likely as not to be told to piss off or even beaten up yourself for being a troublemaker - e.g. Asians in Oldham, UK reported race attacks and firebombings by Nazis, cops turned up and started beating Asians. Then there's an uprising and all the bloody morons come out shrieking cos people were fighting the cops. All this about the cops being useful is fucking bullshit.
All these excuses are a pile of wank.
Good men and women who are highly disrespected, mainly by the low-life criminal scum that they have to deal with. If a cop caught you smoking pot, and told your mommy, and you got in weally big twouble wiff your mommy, don't blame the cops for messing up your life. That's your own doing, it's what happens when you abuse crap like that. Respect the police, you can't respect a whole lot of other people nowadays.
Example(16 year old idiot stoner)=Dude, the police caught me smoking weed and told my mom. I'm real bummed because my mom got real mad at me and like, I was grounded. Damn, man.

Example(Inner city "gangsta")=WTF dog, you trippin', all I did yo was stuff that 13 year old girl's hole and then pop her wiff my piece, yo. Why you hatin'? Damn police! Snap, you messin' my vibe, homes!
by The guy whose name you don't know February 06, 2007
A word which Americans CAN'T pronounce.
It isn't "po-lice"!
It is "Police"!
It is just one syllable!!

Also something that Townies hate.
American: Hey MOM! Call the Po-lice! There is a Townie eating my cat.
Townie: Ya MUM!
by Berry_Boy March 16, 2009
A snitch, somebody that doesn't mind they business and they tell on people.
"Yo, that nigga the police, he got my cousin locked up"
by Miss Lady A October 28, 2005

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