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POLICE - extremely dedicated indivuals who protect and serve our commuities. Enforce societies norms and laws. Also, trained in life saving techniques in case of life threatning emergency.
The Police serve us selflessly to protect us from ourselves most often. dui's dwi's drugs guns fights robbery assaults etc....

Anyone having a problem with the law in most cases have a problem with society, and should refer their anger at the legislature who actually make the laws they like to break so much.

so keep ridin dirty and keep me busy ;)
by The-Enforcer December 17, 2006
highschool outcasts who never had any friends, so they feel as if they should take out their anger on society (mainly blacks) to compensate for their pathetic lives. commonly known as the lowest form of life.
Police are little bitches with guns that can't fight. A Marine (myself) would murder a cop with his bare hands. Cops are PUSSIES!!
by John Cena (The Marine) October 30, 2006
fat fucks we call them 5.0 pigs nigger chasers dick heads donut lovers krispy kreame robbers low life skateboard theifs
i was riding my fucking skateboard and i get the mother fucker taken by the 5.0
by Jeremiah June 27, 2004
the ass munch who sticks his jimmy stick up his butt hole
by pablo February 13, 2003
The lowest form of life
oh shit i just killed someone!

nah he was a police officer
let me know when you kill a roach then i might give a fuck

oh ok cool i'm a hero
by totheA October 06, 2006
often refered to as the po po's, police cops, coppers, the fuzz, pigs, rent-a-cops(only referes to security guards and such ,
the police cop stoped me on the street.

a ret-a-cop kicked us out of the park
by kyle August 24, 2004
"people change their minds when they find themselves needing the police". They've got us over a barrel cos the state has smashed mutual support networks and then makes everyone go to the state on its own terms, in which case we're then supposed to feel grateful to the bastards whose fault it is that we "need" them in the first place. If cops were doing such a good job, there wouldn't be any crime so we wouldn't "need" to call them at all. All societies with states have high crime rates whereas primitive societies had no crime even though there were no cops. Anyway, if you happen to need help, you're as likely as not to be told to piss off or even beaten up yourself for being a troublemaker - e.g. Asians in Oldham, UK reported race attacks and firebombings by Nazis, cops turned up and started beating Asians. Then there's an uprising and all the bloody morons come out shrieking cos people were fighting the cops. All this about the cops being useful is fucking bullshit.
All these excuses are a pile of wank.