Civil workers that ruin everything fun in life. Drugs, Speeding, Shooting shit up, Blowing shit up etc.
Rastafari: Oh shit is the police mon!! Hide the weed mon!!
Police officer: We have 2 black males in custody. Yes another case of black people making marijuana cigars.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 May 12, 2006
Some fucking bastards who never mind their own business
(if you are under 18 drinking vodka)
Police: That is illegal if you're under 18.
You: Fuck off, get some friends, and get your social life, let us have ours!
Police: Who needs friends?
You: Someone with a life, get one.
by It's none of your business January 11, 2005
People who steal doughnuts and coffee, and doesn't arrest themselves for stealing things... like your mom's husband's balls.
Uh oh... they after me! Me drunk, and me must run from police.
by Rufus3000 April 14, 2004
5 0. mother fuckers that should only be allowed to carry water guns. they think they are the boss of the town and abuse their power
The 5 0 is here! Everybody stop beating that Jew and lets get out of here!
by Jason April 09, 2003
highschool outcasts who never had any friends, so they feel as if they should take out their anger on society (mainly blacks) to compensate for their pathetic lives. commonly known as the lowest form of life.
Police are little bitches with guns that can't fight. A Marine (myself) would murder a cop with his bare hands. Cops are PUSSIES!!
by John Cena (The Marine) October 30, 2006
fat fucks we call them 5.0 pigs nigger chasers dick heads donut lovers krispy kreame robbers low life skateboard theifs
i was riding my fucking skateboard and i get the mother fucker taken by the 5.0
by Jeremiah June 27, 2004
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