Bacon, Pork Products, basically Pigs.
Dickheads who walk round in blue uniform that think they are big because they have a badge, and in the Uk they have to wear a hat that looks like a huge tit on their head.
by Lord October 06, 2003
The people who find it amusing to exercise their power and opress the black man by arresting him for DWB and doing nothing at all such as walking down the street minding his own buisiness
by dakarai April 04, 2003
fuckers who take your weed and smoke it at home
damn cops searched me and found my hydro
by ayout March 04, 2003
pride, honor, dignity; a brotherhood.
Gangstas cry when da police arrive.
by p220sig45 August 16, 2003
Civil workers that ruin everything fun in life. Drugs, Speeding, Shooting shit up, Blowing shit up etc.
Rastafari: Oh shit is the police mon!! Hide the weed mon!!
Police officer: We have 2 black males in custody. Yes another case of black people making marijuana cigars.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 May 12, 2006
The men and women trained to Serve and Protect.
The police saved my life!
by Apul January 29, 2003
POLICE - extremely dedicated indivuals who protect and serve our commuities. Enforce societies norms and laws. Also, trained in life saving techniques in case of life threatning emergency.
The Police serve us selflessly to protect us from ourselves most often. dui's dwi's drugs guns fights robbery assaults etc....

Anyone having a problem with the law in most cases have a problem with society, and should refer their anger at the legislature who actually make the laws they like to break so much.

so keep ridin dirty and keep me busy ;)
by The-Enforcer December 17, 2006

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