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A group of cop cars or motorcycles on the side of a large roadway; usually not a highway but a mainstreet with a large gap between the nearest traffic lights; who have a radar pointing about a mile down the roadway. One of the officers will step into the middle of the road ahead and direct the speeding vehicle to the breakdown lane, or if the vehicle has passed, will chase it down in the police car.

Usually the purpose of this event is to get cheap tickets out of people doing 5 miles over the speed limit. This works well since wealthier people tend to have powerful luxury cars which can go very fast without them even realizing it. While claiming to be 'keeping the roads safe', they are merely looking for a cheap buck out of hardworking individuals. Driving in a straight line a little to fast isn't as dangerous as the assholes who switch lanes aggressively, cut faster moving traffic off, and tailgate. These pigs should be out patrolling, looking for aggressive drivers. Of course, if you're driving an expensive car, you'll get pulled over for being the victim.
The cops sat in the breakdown lane with a radar, scamming people going 5-10 MPH over in order to get a quick buck for the local police station. Meanwhile, a shitbox Honda cuts off my Lexus, and the cop 5 carlengths infront of him slams his brakes (real safe move asshole), gets behind me and pulls ME over for tailgating (as if he could have assessed from that far ahead). I appealed that scam easily and got off free when the pig didnt even show up at the appeal hearing... but next time I won't be so lucky since I'm foolish enough to drive a car worth more than that pig's annual earnings.
by The Sub November 13, 2004
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