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The range of radio frequencies that are assigned to police departments:

and here they are:

the police bands are shared with fire/public safety bands in the 44.62 to 46.02 MHz band, the 153.74 to 156.24 MHz band, and the 453, 460, and 851.0125 to 868.9875 MHz band. Specific police allocations very from city to city and the UHF-T band, 470 to 512 MHz is also used in large cities such as LA, New York and others.

037.0200 to 037.4200 MHz
037.9000 to 037.9800 MHz
039.0200 to 039.9800 MHz
042.0200 to 042.9400 MHz
044.6200 to 046.0200 MHz
153.7400 to 156.2400 MHz
158.7300 to 159.2100 MHz

453.0000 to 453.9875 MHz
460.0000 to 460.4375 MHz
851.0125 to 868.9875 MHz
The frequency of 158.9850 MHz is in the police band and is used by the Virginia State Police
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 07, 2003
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