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a lazy ass person who works out for 20 minutes and then is done. Also someone who sleeps their days away then wakes up to only eat then sleep again.
X: Ok man, I'm going to do my workout.
Y: See you.
20 minutes later...
Y: Did you forget something?
X: No, I'm done.
Y: Oh, you're such a pole vaulter.

I barely worked out at practice today, god i feel like such a pole vaulter.
by iluvballz80 January 18, 2011
14 22
(noun)- men or women who like to run with really long poles, cram them into holes, grip and rip their way to nosebleed heights, only to come back down to earth while wearing the skimpiest shorts ever. Theese people tend to be the hottest in the world.
Did you see that guy just pole vault? He beat the record and jumped 15 feet.

Damn that pole vauter is sexyyyyy!

A pole vaulters life is about getting high....vertically.
by awesomeninja22 August 02, 2009
40 13
badass, hot body, enjoys pain,
extreme, fastest, strongest, most likely to
recieve multiple hospital bills, crazy, confident,
often attracts to other vaulters, friendly, outgoing.
Polevaulters are the greatest people living.
by borntovault December 24, 2008
20 1
a girl that sleeps around alot
Tim: man mike, that Ashley is hot
Mike: yeah, but i heard she's a pole vaulter
Tim: yeah, isn't it true she's been with half the football team?
by pb phoot September 13, 2009
12 15
pole vaulter: the basic meaning is gay! lool
guy at bar: hey you look cute! whats your name??

you what?? what you say?? fuck off you pole vaulter
by bad boi10 May 12, 2010
6 23
A female who does not have intercorse with men. A lesbian. i.e. a 'pole vaulter'
Damn, that blonde is a pole vaulter!
by Dean July 28, 2003
15 48
A Homosexual man. A term derived from the athlete's frequent handling of a long pole.
Landon made out with Kyle? What a pole vaulter.
by AlanUnit June 04, 2005
11 45