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A troll like person who hangs out underneath a pole where girls dance and grabs them once they get off and charges them a dance or disgusting flirt before they can pass as a toll.
Livia-I just finished my dance on the poll and this dude attacked me when i was trying to pass.
Gary-Yeah that's the pole troll, he's some douche nut.
by glau May 13, 2007
A pole troll denotes a gay man that is seriously attracted and crazy about another man's penis as common trolls in fairy tales are attracted and crazy about bridges. Know a pole troll by the wide grin that he gives your genital area even when covered as though he can see being screwed by you before he knows if you are in fact gay.
Kenneth: Yo Jeff, you got a pole troll on your ass buddy.
Jeff: Fuck man! He has been trailing me all week, I can't shake this guy!
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey December 03, 2006

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