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(adj)- Poko is a word or nickname describing a very smart, sarcastic, no-holds bar type stoner. Pokos are constantly in trouble and take the fall when fellow friends get into trouble. Pokos usually have criminal records and mental health problems causing them to do things in repetition or become entwined in their nervous habits despite their demeanor.

Pokos appear to be at the end of the pack when they are usually the right hand man. They will kick your ass and then pretend like it never happened.
B: That was amazing.
V: Welcome to my world, why are you poking that?
B: I don't know.
V: I'm gonna call you Poko, cuz you poke everything.
B: Oh, no, it's just a nerv...
V: Alright Poko, see you later.
by Brittney Sade July 16, 2008
the shit fucken pimpish person to walk the earth total pimp shit
damn he is poko!
by Darren March 06, 2004
A huge asshole. One that is a smelly slob and steals from friends.
Poko sux.
by Kyle August 10, 2003
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