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1 : Pokey the Penguin lives with his family in the arctic circle!!! Say hello to Pokey!!!!!

2 : Pokey the Penguin is an educational children's cartoon! Pokey and his pals have fun and learning about the hazards of the arctic circle!
Pokey the Penguin lives at aich tee tee pee co lin slash slash yellow five dot com slash pokey slash.
by Emme December 22, 2003
He is a penguin that goes on many adventures like meeting new friends or eating Arctic Circle candy.
"I am Pokey the penguin!!!"
by TheWiggidy November 22, 2003
Pokry the Penguin has a degree in theoretical physics.
"Wait a minute, Pokeyzilla does not have a rocket launcher! You are just pokey!"

by dudeman February 21, 2004
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