A game that uses standard playing cards. Gambling usually occurs in the game. There are many versions of poker, the most popular being Texas Hold 'Em. Poker can often be seen on sports channels like ESPN or Fox Sports even though it is not a sport. Poker is not a sport because it requires no physical activity or physical skill. Poker is mostly luck. Some skill is required because you need to know how to play first of all. However, that does not make it a sport.
TV: Tonight on ESPN, the 2009 World Series of Poker!


TV: Coming up next on Comcast Sportsnet, more poker!

Me: ugh...
by iduncurr May 12, 2009
A very profitable game for psychics.
"Damn, Miss Cleo sure kicked my ass in that poker game."
by William Stephens April 22, 2006
Poker is a very popular card game.
In France it is also called "Any Two Allin".
Poker Hand History Result:

randomfrench shows 7c3s and wins with full house sevens full of threes.
Hero shows AA and lost with a Pair of Aces
by AndreasKazzler August 25, 2008
The card game that keeps you hooked and takes all your savings until you live in your parent's basement.
Poker is like sex: the looser you are, the easier it is to get fucked.
by IPwnN00bs April 02, 2007
Any slender object used when rolling a joint, to "poke" the weed in.
"Can I use your earring as a poker?"
by Eva February 27, 2005
A sharp object you carry on you for protection. Anything from a knife to a pen or icepick Anything that'll inflict harm onto someone trying to rob you.
Yo son, I'm going to the store with the poker just in case
by Vin Grizzle January 08, 2006
A game people play useally for money, its a game you play with a deck of 52 cards.
Wont to play some poker
by langster lang June 03, 2008

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