A game that uses standard playing cards. Gambling usually occurs in the game. There are many versions of poker, the most popular being Texas Hold 'Em. Poker can often be seen on sports channels like ESPN or Fox Sports even though it is not a sport. Poker is not a sport because it requires no physical activity or physical skill. Poker is mostly luck. Some skill is required because you need to know how to play first of all. However, that does not make it a sport.
TV: Tonight on ESPN, the 2009 World Series of Poker!


TV: Coming up next on Comcast Sportsnet, more poker!

Me: ugh...
by zuawg May 12, 2009
Top Definition
some thing for a fire to poke the fire wood or a card game wich usally involves gambling for money or not
let us play poker
by Speedy bob January 16, 2004
Consequence to the action of asking a girl or woman out on a date.
"You should invite her to dinner and poker"
by Flo January 27, 2004
Noun. A person, usually the female, that pokes a hole in a condom prior to sex with the intention of causing pregnancy, seemingly by accident.
Poor Billy's paying child support for 18 years after dating that poker.
by SunBug October 03, 2009
The act of sticking fingers up a girls virgina. Also, a very popular card game.

I signed up for poker through www.danspoker.com whilst poking my girlfriend.
by danspoker September 25, 2011
what you call it when two people virtually "poke" each other on Facebook for a time period both users should be embarrassed of
You have poked Kaitlyn (about a minute ago)
Kaitlyn has poked you (4 seconds ago)
*Poke Kaitlyn*

You: "Damn that Kaitlyn! We keep playing poker!"
by Novakedy May 18, 2010
the act of poking someone.
"Poker? i hardly know her!"
by thatguy8007 November 09, 2009
(originated in Chicago)
booty on a female that "pokes out" of her pants
damn fo' you see lil mama!?...That bitch had a muh fuckin POKER!
by JuanDiazBF May 12, 2010

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