BEST SONG EVER! Written AND composed by the one and only LADY GAGA, who became famous the real way, by booking gigs and working on talent, not by some stupid reality show, like american idol. Which is kind of ironic, considering she did a kick-ass performance on their stage.
"Poker face, to me, is perfection."- Lady GaGa.
by gagaforgaga April 13, 2009
While trying to put it in her mouth, you poke her face on the cheek, forehead, or under the left eye.
Fundo tried to put it in her mouth, but he kept on missing the hole. She had the poker face.
by auth00r June 19, 2006
the face that ppl are making when they are trying to look sexy, but it always works, mostly used on fat girls that too much lady gaga
girl,"eww look at her uglyass pokerface!!"
boy,"yea i no i hate gurls like dat!"
by erinrox,ray April 18, 2009

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