staright faced. since you have to keep a still face while playing cards.
"he said 'i love you' with a poker face last night, so i think he really meant it."
by redrobot September 09, 2005
I'm sorry.
I'm having a hard time reading her Poker Face.
my my my poker face
by bam mcbambam June 22, 2010
a facial expression that was once used whilst playing poker, now it is a term used to present a face bedazzled with sequins and glitter.
Giiirrrl, I so love your poker face, I think it's zing
by mr gaga November 18, 2010
The player girl. She usually gets guys hooked by looks, and then reels them in with her personality. Very careful with who she picks, but anyone could be her next target.
"She so got him last night at the party!"
"Duh, that's a poker face for you!"
by Spinhair April 03, 2010
1. Expression or lack thereof, when playing poker, to hide a bluff. To keep a straight face, basically.

2. A very popular song by Lady GaGa, though I have no idea why it is so popular. It sounds awful and it is just the same thing over and over throughout the whole song. I guess it just shows what counts as music these days.
1. The man had such a good poker face, nobody knew he was bluffing.

2. Ugh, Poker Face is on the radio for like the 5th time in a row, I'm turning the radio off.
by zuawg April 16, 2009
An over weight female with an attractive face used for oral sex.
Poker Face
"Shorty had a poker face.. that means she a little over weight but I'll poker face!" - Hellaquent
A face used when you are with a guy but fantisizing about a girl. Lady gaga's song "Poker Face" is about this. Ryan Secrest announced this meaning on "American top 40."
Lyrics to Poker face by Lady Gaga

"Cant read my,cant read my no he cant read my poker face"
by Original Gangster 101 May 03, 2009

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