a lot of people. pokemon got annoying by the first three years, which is probably why most people hate it. if you don't, you are 70% more likely to die a virgin.
Me and everybody i know are pokemon-haters. suck on that.
by Defflepord November 21, 2009
Top Definition
Noun. A crazy idea that a person actually doesn't think pokemon are awesome, so they hate them with a passion. This is an impossibility of course, because every one thinks pokemon are awesome (whether they'll admit it or not...yeah you know who you are).
Girl: I'm a pokemon-hater!
Guy: Liar!
Laur...I mean girl: Yeah you're right.I love pokemon!
Geo...Gu..what ever i put earlier: I knew it...
by Obviously not Geoff :D October 15, 2008
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