A group of elite bloggers on Tumblr. Most blogs with Pokemon URLs are mainly inactive (dubbed as "hoarded" in Tumblr-speak) while others range from being hipster blogs to personal blogs with some sort of Redux-theme edit. They hold secret meetings and parties every weekend, where they get together and take a shot for each time someone begs for a Pokemon URL within Tumblr's "#pokemon url" tag. During the weekdays, they band together and defend their statuses within the aforementioned tag-- bringing those who post unironic selfies to justice, trying to knock some sense into people willing to deal cash for a URL, constantly upholding the "it's just a URL!!" mantra (when everybody and their mothers know that's a load a bull).
if u have a pokemon url then ure a part of the pokeurl gang 2k12/3 ride or die
by pokeurluser January 28, 2013
Top Definition
Stupid Tumblr culture craze that gained much attention in 2012. People think it makes you a better person to have a URL/username that is a canon Pokémon name; ie. Pikachu, Zubat, Mudkip, etc. The best way to find out if you have an actual Pokémon URL (Pokéurl for short) is to go to bulbapedia, type your username and if no results are found sorry you're a ratchet basic bitch.
Fennel:"I just got some pokemon URL"
Juniper:"Which ones?!"
Fennel:"Hydreig0n, vulpixes, and professorbel ^__^"
Juniper:"...who the fuck is Bel"
by gaybuttsexlol October 21, 2012
Tag used to name people with Pokémon names/words in their URL on Tumblr. However, most of these people only consider pokemon url people with canon Pokémon names as their url; like Pikachu, Mew, Arceus, etc. Also about 60% of the people in that tag only use it to bash against canon pokemon url owners for thinking they're better than the rest.
"I just looked through all the pokemon urls. They’re all taken."
"Who cares about canon pokemon urls, i have gengars, pik4chu, and hydreigoon."
"All i want is a canon pokemon url like Arceus, Xerneas, Kyurem, Mewtwo or Jirachi."
by arceus February 11, 2013
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