A misspelling of the word "Pokémon" that is common among older North American adults that did not grow up with video games, anime, and Japanese electronics.

Also a meme popularized by a picture of one cat holding a Game Boy Advance with a game slotted in, and telling another cat to "let me show you my pokemans".
<gnuwtey> Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, GETTO daze!
<nimda21> Hey, is that the new Pokeman game that came out?
<gnuwtey> It's "Pokemon", you know.
<nimda21> Hmm.
<gnuwtey> What's your ASL, anyway?
<nimda21> 47/m/Ohio. Why? What's yours?
<gnuwtey> *creeped out*
by Mr. Briggs November 30, 2009
Top Definition
Something to be shown to others.
"Let me show you my pokemans"
let me show you them
by ttdi September 17, 2007
The wrong way to say PoKeMoN. Commenly used by parents to embarras kids.
Mom- Are you still playing with that Pokeman shit
by Tri Force Agent February 16, 2004
wrong way of spelling pokemon. usually use by parents.
Principal: You cannot play pokeman at school.
Kid: its pokemon u fuckin retarded bitch.
by i fuck dogs for money September 24, 2004
The way Bill Cosby pronounces the word "pokemon."
NOTE: From the television series "Family Guy"
Bill Cosby: Now my good man, what do you like to play?
Child: Pokemon
Bill Cosby: Pokeman? Pokeman with the pokey and the man and the thing with the guy comes out of the thing and he makes a fahaheagabfahahah.
by Strick August 22, 2006
the way most adults or people who hate pokemon call pokemon
I like jamaicans because they never call pokemon "pokeman"
Person 1: Dude pokeman is gay.
person 2: number 0ne, it's called pokemon you Dipshit!
number Two, there is no gayness in pokemon (except when team rocket cross-dresses but thats a different story) so lay off you cock-sucking, mother-fucking son of a bitch!
by BlackWarGreymon October 01, 2006
Usually used by adults, either to annoy their kids or to make the kids turn of their game boy. There is also digiman, which is another addition to the '-man' parent language.
Pokeman is where a boy with crossed eyes runs around with a yellow mouse. Sometimes he is in the company of a blue blob or something but for the most parts he's yelling- "I'm gonna catch all youz pokeman!"
by Shottie January 07, 2005
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