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A variation of the many trainers one must battle in Pokemon Red/Blue/Green. They look like nerdy guys and often possess quite formidable pokemon.
Ash: Summoned Blastoise
Pokemaniac 5: Summoned Nidoking
Ash: Blastoise used bubblebeam
Pokemaniac 5: Nidoking used thrash
Ash: Blastoise used Headbutt
Pokemaniac 5: Nidoking used trash...Nidoking's attack missed!
Ash: Blastoise used ice beam
Nidoking fainted!
Ash received $4290, Blastoise gained 1203 exp.
Pokemaniac 5: Oh no! I can't believe i lost!
by wtf March 01, 2005
someone over the age of 13 who like pokemon a little to much
the pokemaniac whould not shut up about pikachu
by me February 28, 2004
Someone who, like me, is completely, totally obsessed with Pokemon. Usually own at least three Pokemon games, and numerous plushes, collectables, trading cards, and paraphanailia. Refers to Pikachu when talking about renewable energy sources. Often claims girl/boyfriend to be Misty/Ash Ketchum.
Guy One- hey, y'know that nerd's name over there?
Guy Two- The one with the Pokemon deco all over her textbooks?
Guy One- Yeah, the PokeManiac.

Guy Two- Oh, that's ________.
by suika-watermelon May 11, 2011
poke'maniac:noun. A person, usually a teenager who has a love or obsession to the Poke'mon franchise and its characters. This is generally present in introverts and less social kids who as children were introduced to poke'mon. Whining for cards is common in younger kids and staying up 6 and a half hours just to play the DS, claiming "I have to capture Mewtwo!" 2. Anyone of the various trainers in the video games.
Jimmy is such a poke'maniac, heck just last week he killed a guy who wouldn't give up a pikachu card.
by Erick Ramirez December 27, 2007
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