A "war" on face book, in which one user "pokes" the other using the popular feature. Then they engage in a "war" by poking each other back and forth. Often used a mediocre substitute for flirting, leading to nothing at all.
Carlye will never win the poke war with me, but what she doesn't know if that I am just using this to flirt with her.
by _ _ _ _ November 04, 2007
When people poke each other using facebooks poke app. There are 4 rules of pokewar

1. Using any type of poke script which automatically repokes your friends results in imediate loss.

2. If someone declares themselves the winner first, they win.

3. If one party makes a meme making fun of their opponent they win.

4. Anyone named Chris automatically loses. this rule supercedes all other rules.
"Hey dude, who won that pokewar?"

"It was over before it started. Chris always loses."
by Winner of the Internet September 20, 2013
When two people poke each other on Facebook. The winner is decided when the opponent fails to return the poke within one day.
Ian thinks he will win this poke war, but little does he know that Alex is a pro. FBGM.
by pokewarsaremylife June 24, 2011
A naughty spin on the Facebook term for poke wars, a poke war is playful taunting between two gay male partners by lightly touching one another with their penises. Synonyms: Jousting.
This poke war is going to drive me crazy! Let's just do it already!
by i_haz_problemz December 30, 2011
Two Guy Friends who immediately become enemies after entering an intense "anything goes" battle to see who can sleep with an attractive female first.

"Poke" being used here as a term for casual sex.
Person: Why does it seem like Thomas and John suddenly hate each other?

Person 2: Oh they are in a Poke War for the new girl in the office.
by pooperscooperforeveryandever November 27, 2010
when someone uses the poke feature on facebook to make a woman's vagina immediately begin to tingle and after a while cream herself
rosa pokes jeff

jeff pokes rosa back

rosa immediately creams herself

this is just the beginning of a poke war it continues until someone gives up
by niagrafalls January 30, 2010

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