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To flirt
"That guy was so poke with her..."
by The Loop July 30, 2008
to purposely pop your dick in her mushy pussy...as if unintentionally...like "oops". But, the dick and pussy are fully aware of what's happening. It's a game.
Let's poke.
by Greg January 07, 2004
To stab someone
This nigga keeps fuckin wit me, ima pull my shank out and poke him
by Da Candy Man November 01, 2003
-verb: hurting someone's feelings (usually unintentionally).
I don't want to poke them but they are getting on my nerves.

He was poking me by giving me dirty looks.

What you said about my friend really pokes.

My professor poked me by not giving me an A on that final.

She poked my heart with her negative words.
by paopao89 May 04, 2009
Blow (as in blowjob)
This girl just poked me dude, it was awesome
by Lucifer got poked April 27, 2009
Secret code word for smoking while in smoking prohibited locations such as school, church, or Lisa's house.
"this sermon is BOGUS man, let's poke"
"The bitch is home, let's go poke out back."
by Oxycodiene July 10, 2008
to use a needle to inject drugs
man joeys pokin again I can see him nodding out in tha street
by screwby May 24, 2005