A word used to indicate to another person that you want what they got. Most often used in reference to a cigarette or joint.
"Hey man, poke on that smoke?" or simply "Poke?"
by vanillasin October 26, 2006
something fun to do while IMing
and fun to do at karate
standing in line and poking ur friends is fun

me: -poke-
my friend: -pokepokepoke-
yea u get it
by =)[hehe]=) August 11, 2006
To masturbate ones self or another persons...self

Aka, fingering

'Hey um...Tiff..can I um...poke you?' *blush*

'Sure Brad everyone else has.'
by StaceyOfWashington October 28, 2005
verb: smoke weed as in "poke smot"
noun: pot
Yo danny, let's poke when your dads show starts

Yo joe, i got poke for today
by Eric March 28, 2004
As in... pig-in-a-poke. A high probability of fraud or scam when money is paid upfront in exchange for the vague promise of services, with little or no guarantee.
Paying an upfront fee for career marketing (headhunter) services is like a pig-in-a-poke.
by Herbert Derry January 29, 2004
A word to describe how much a man would like to do a hot woman.
Dave: Man I would lethally poke that bitch.

Jay: Word.
by Mr Bungali May 28, 2008
A stupid or bad thing or the action of doing a stupid or bad thing, or the person who is doing the stupid or bad thing.
Your alarm clock goes and you dont feel like getting up for work. So you might say "what a poke"

Or if someone is doing something stupid you would say "you are poking yourself"
by Geron January 29, 2008
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