Home rolled cigarette of tobacco and marijuana.
guy: Hey baby, you wanna smoke a bowl?

girl: Nah, I'm ok. I just got done suckin' down a fat poke.
#smoke #cigarette #pack #cig #weed #tobacco #marijuana
by Layla Gray August 24, 2007
wat the fuck is all this about sex! no its not!!! its when a boy puts his finger up a girls holey!!
drunken parties "i got poked by jonny last nite"
#fingered #poked #pussy feel #pokey joed #poking
by hattie robson April 29, 2007
Preferred method of disease transmission from one cruddie to another.
Did you see those pustules on that cruddie? Too many POKES.

I was poked by a cruddie. Thank goodness I've gotten all my shots! Oh wait--I'm not a cruddie, so I am immune.
by SexyHo June 14, 2004
noun. 1. in reference to any amount of food, drink, drugs.
1. bitch, get off that joint and save me a poke.

2. too bad i ate all this pizza and didn't save jim a poke.
by d-man December 10, 2003
somethin you hold yo dineros in
"A bank roll is a poke/A choke hold is a yoke"

Big L- Ebonics
by Terrell Mateo November 15, 2003
Jail or penetentiary.
I got sent up 4 months in the poke.
by MC October 26, 2003
To describe some smoke thats pokey (potent), or just describe anything as good, cool etc
"Man that weed is poke, i am so stoned"
"That free party was so poke!"
#cool #potent #good #wicked #pokey
by Ziziana May 09, 2007
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