Home rolled cigarette of tobacco and marijuana.
guy: Hey baby, you wanna smoke a bowl?

girl: Nah, I'm ok. I just got done suckin' down a fat poke.
by Layla Gray August 24, 2007
wat the fuck is all this about sex! no its not!!! its when a boy puts his finger up a girls holey!!
drunken parties "i got poked by jonny last nite"
by hattie robson April 29, 2007
Preferred method of disease transmission from one cruddie to another.
Did you see those pustules on that cruddie? Too many POKES.

I was poked by a cruddie. Thank goodness I've gotten all my shots! Oh wait--I'm not a cruddie, so I am immune.
by SexyHo June 14, 2004
noun. 1. in reference to any amount of food, drink, drugs.
1. bitch, get off that joint and save me a poke.

2. too bad i ate all this pizza and didn't save jim a poke.
by d-man December 10, 2003
Jail or penetentiary.
I got sent up 4 months in the poke.
by MC October 26, 2003
To describe some smoke thats pokey (potent), or just describe anything as good, cool etc
"Man that weed is poke, i am so stoned"
"That free party was so poke!"
by Ziziana May 09, 2007
A word used to indicate to another person that you want what they got. Most often used in reference to a cigarette or joint.
"Hey man, poke on that smoke?" or simply "Poke?"
by vanillasin October 26, 2006

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