A creepy facebook button that falls somewhere between being flirted with and being raped.
John Smith has just "poked" you.
by gypsywhipper April 18, 2011
a Facebook thing
Hannah 'poked' Tom on facebook
by missytk July 22, 2010
to have,want to, or plan to have sex
i told the girl i wanted to poke so she said i could poke after school so i did.
by Phil August 21, 2005
To stab somone or something
I poked that guy, cuz he was trying to get at mt biatch.
by Jizzy March 09, 2004
somethin you hold yo dineros in
"A bank roll is a poke/A choke hold is a yoke"

Big L- Ebonics
by Terrell Mateo November 15, 2003
Something often done by people either bored, or wanting attention, for example, myself.
Me- *Poke*
Other Person- STOP POKING ME.
Me- *giggle, POKE*
by OliOzzicle September 27, 2010
Home rolled cigarette of tobacco and marijuana.
guy: Hey baby, you wanna smoke a bowl?

girl: Nah, I'm ok. I just got done suckin' down a fat poke.
by Layla Gray August 24, 2007

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