To poke. Verb.

The sexual act of fingering a girl (i.e. inserting one or more fingers into her fanny)
Trevor: Hey, mate. Did you get any action last night?
Steve: Yeah. I poked hannah.
by gingertam December 28, 2010
1. To gamble by playing a poker/slot machine.
2. To have sex with someone.
1. Let's go for a poke down at Star City Casino.
2. I'd give her a poke.
by Diego September 29, 2003
I'll quote the late great Paul Lynde from the original Hollywood Squares:

Peter Marshall: Paul, we've all heard the expression 'a pig in a poke'. What is a poke?

Paul Lynde: It's when you're not really in love.
by pawninthemachine August 06, 2003
The Facebook finger-fuck
Only poke your friends if they have a tight pussy.
by Jebus914 September 22, 2011
Poke is a way to virtually molest people on facebook.
Boy: i just poked you
Girl: Eww you sicko.
by the poke master February 22, 2011
Short for pussy or short for vagina
Do you want to eat some poke tonight??
You know you like playing in Poke!!
by BergenCounty October 23, 2010
In Northern Ireland it means:
To insert your finger in a girls vagina

Also refers to an ice cream cone
"I gave her a good poke"
"Fancy a poke?"
"I would love a good poke"
"Did you poke her?"
by Ducksauce May 08, 2012
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