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The street term for the prescription drug Viagra. Most commonly ingested or snorted.
Yo dawg can you hook me up with some POKE i can't get it up.
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
abbreviation for poker
i skipped school so i could play some pokes
by mdip November 25, 2007
this occurs when two people are having an intense make out session then the lady feels something super long and hard on her lower end !(this only occurs if he had a major dickkk!)
Sally and Ted were having an INTENSE make out session on his bed, his mom didnt care if he did stuff with a girl in his bed, as long as he didnt get a girl pregnent, so ted's parents did not check up on them. During this make out session, Sally suddenly feels a poke on her lower end (long and hard) she looks down, and smiles back up at Ted, he makes an embarrased face, then she smiles back and leans in to his ear and wispers seductively, "I guess my job is working babe." They continue on with their make out session and the whole time, she felt his boner getting harder and harder on her.
the act of having sex comes from the city of G-town MD
Man, they are gonna poke tonight
by lee March 29, 2005
to bang a girl frontal and rear at the same time "double insertion".
We were hammered and we poked that girl
by queen of england December 30, 2004
to literally fuck a broad to def
aye i poked that hoe from last night
by D From DC July 15, 2003
Short for the cow-pokes (cowboys) of the Oklahoma State University.

Also, the bitch of the Texas Longhorns
damn, that poke got pwnd by Derrick Johnson.
by CorporationX May 25, 2004