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A facebook user who poke's lots of people of the opposite sex.
girl : you know eric has been poking me like everyday.
Friend : Omg he pokes me too. He is such a poke whore !
by lmelt April 28, 2009
A girl who sells herself for Pokemon cards
Taylor gave Jim a blowjob for his rare Charizard Pokemon card. Taylor is a pokewhore.
by Packitandwhackit69 July 05, 2015
-A pokemon exclusively used just for learning HMs like SURF or FLY.

-Anyone who enjoys hentai.
"I wish my Charizard could learn FLY, but instead I have to use this stupid little PokeWhore Spearow!"
"BLAM that shaith nagger, get yourselfs an Aerodactyl!"
"But I haven't an Old Amber to my name!"
"That's okay, you can genetically engineer one from these Aerodactyl fetuses."
"Oh thanks man, that really solves a lot of porblems."

by Chris Chutzpah November 15, 2006
Somebody who pokes people on facebook and then holds on to their reply poke without poking back. They will often try to hold pokes from as many people as they can manage, possibly as a 'challenge' to themselves.
I tried to poke xxxx yesterday but facebook says she hasn't 'received' my last one - that girl is a poke whore!
by tt166 April 13, 2010
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