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Chalis: A cup or bowl highly decorated with jewels or precious metals. A desirable object

Poisoned Chalis: A prize that has had its lustre taken from it by an act or situation that makes recieving the prize much less palatable.

Poisoned Chalis: A lesbian that turns down your offer of sex but wants to remain friends.
The offer of a job as The English Football Team manager was a poisoned chalis. He realised that it was footballs prize but he hadnt realised the press corp hated him so much.

Oh man look at her she's beautiful. I get a boner whenever she walks past but she's as lezzer as they come mate! I want to be her friend but I know she will never shag me - thats what I call a poisoned chalis.
by Fanny Wazzocks Cookbook October 04, 2007
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