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Adjective - Describes nipples in a very erect state of being due to excitement, cold or stimulation. Poinky nipples are hard enough to cut glass.
Di's nipples became very poinky after I rubbed ice cubes on them.
by Chuck D. Bones September 11, 2009
23 6
kinda a synonym for "stupid" & "annoying".
instead of people saying, "oh that's gay", they should say something more appropriate and not offensive to others. like, poinky.
dude the other day when she said she was flirting with all of them, she was being soo poinky.
by thepoinkywonder March 27, 2009
10 9
Sort of pointy, sort of sharp, very uncomfortable
"MMnnnkkndkh! That was poinky!"
by Kat October 23, 2003
11 13