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To jump exitedly into the air, like a bounce but with more emphasis on the leaping. See sluggy freelance for details. used online excessively.
*poing* Torg!
by Patrick January 10, 2004
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to verb a noun with your noun.

Also, a misspelling of the word point, transformed into sexual innuendo.

Also, penis.
girl: what's your poing??
guy: what's YOUR poing?!?
girl: hmmm i dont think i have a poing...
guy: i could GIVE you a poing...
girl: yeah, i think i need one.
girl i NEEEED one
girl oh YEAH
guy: i'll give it to you, baby.
guy: girl I am going to poing you so hard.
by shazbotfoolio February 03, 2010
To snap and clap in a fluid motion. In rhythm or time.
Bro check this riff out, Dave will play the bass and you poing along with it.
by Jodawg23 August 08, 2009

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