A male who lacks popularity due to his pedantism and quirky fashion sense. Usually impartial to bowties.
"Poindexter, when he said everyone was invited to his party he didn't mean you! Isn't there a book-of-the-month club meeting somewhere?"
by AbnormalBoy April 02, 2004
1. A Scrawyny kid that comes into the Gym thinkin' he is a "G" or "Gangster"
2. Just a doogan/foolish person in general
Poindexter *While doing curls for the girls* : Yeh...i feel pretty swoll right now i been takin that protein

Legit weightlifter * To friend * : man...that kid is a major poindexter
#doogan #novello #poindexta #idiot #frail
by The Silas November 23, 2007
Noun - A lying douche. A dick in most social situations, though not to be taken seriously. Has an obsession with homosexuality, genitalia, dead things, technology, and almost any subject found to be disturbing by the general populous.
Poindexter made an ass out of himself at the bar last night, i guess she didn't know about his sense of humor.
#poindexter #dick #douchebag #peniswrinkle #cock
by b-chain April 27, 2010
A gay skinny guy with a head shaped like a mushroom who only talks about gaming and says random stuff from time to time
An example of a "Poindexter" is Pee-wee Herman(with poofy hair).
#stick man #mushroomhead #salad fingers #pole #big feet
by XOClairXO March 30, 2011
A sometimes bald person who likes to point at things and yell out of cars.
"Hey, Wanna Drill"
Ewww there goes that poindexter again.
#pointer #dickhead #prick #driller #yeller
by LalalalalalalalalalalaImCool August 06, 2009
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