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word used in order to create an awkward silence
*awkward silence*
by neo October 19, 2003
20 17
The French expression à poil refers to body hair - when you are à poil, you're wearing nothing but your own hair. It's equivalent to the English expression "in one's birthday suit," and can be used as an adjective or as a command in numerous expressions:

être à poil (to be stark naked)

se baigner à poil (to go skinny-dipping)

se mettre à poil (to strip down to one's birthday suit)

un mec / une fille à poil (a naked guy / girl)

À poil ! (Take 'em off!)

N'ouvre pas la porte - je suis à poil !

Don't open the door - I'm completely naked!]
by ReaLarcin November 07, 2009
9 4
1. word shouted in a class to entertain people, and help them to undergo long hours of boring teachers. Unfortunalty, often awake them.

2. means "hair" in french
1. - "POIL !!!" - "Tain t'es con t'as réveillé Bourrin, et CI il fait une drôle de tête..."

2. Oh, I just loose in baby-foot game ! Damn, I shouldn't have bet to cut me the "poils"...
by TV Gadget (2005) December 13, 2005
2 9
one of those big green elephants that comes in my dreams
it makes you feel sad
by ur mum April 10, 2003
6 16
cancer treating pill usually snorted thru a momo tube by a black/minority with a mitsubishi and html skillz, most poil users have mystery dads.
let's go bust a poil, money.
by josh August 10, 2003
5 20