Piece of Italian Shit

a racist slang that was used to counter the saying doble te which is spanish for double T which stands for taiwanese terrorist!
Me: your a Doble te!

Tawain dude: well your a pois!
by Ryan M L October 08, 2006
P.O.I. stands for Person Of Interest. It means a person you are emotionally/romantically interested in, but not dating or official with yet. Generally used over text. Weird if used in face to face conversation. "
"P.O.I. finally texted me!"
"I can't wait for my date with P.O.I."

"Do you think P.O.I. will ask me out soon?"
by true.baddiee September 03, 2015
People of Importance is a social status created by two of south Calgary's most important people. Membership into this affluent group is highly sought after and is only possible after years of contribution to the general wellbeing of the founding Cousins. Members hold regular meetings where current social issues are discussed, usually in a casual setting while enjoying only the highest quality beverages and fine cuisine.

Any members of the PoI hold the benefit of being surrounded by like-minded people and above standard treatment at local stores and bars. Noticed everywhere they go the members of PoI must maintain a steady 10 image, failure to do so may result in suspension of club privileges or a verbal warning issued by one of the founding Cousins.
That guy must be in the PoI
by L.D.B April 06, 2010
A mixture of every single offensive word you can think of.

Most commonly used for males,this word was first used by teenagers online chatting,when they want to offend someone but cant think of a word that describes there hatred for the person and so just type "Poi"

Probably used cause i-o-p are close on the keyboard and so are easy to type to the word p-o-i in a moment of anger.
*Facebook Chat*

Girl - argh,my ex is being such a poi!

Boy - Whats a poi?

Girl - Urban Dictionary it.

Boy - argh ffs,my mate jack here has turned into such a poi.

Girl - argh ikr,there so common these days.
by TheMostAwesomestTeenager November 08, 2011
Something that's fun to randomly exclaim.

i have to write poi here
by Miraj too sevuhn sevuhn sevuhn March 06, 2010
POI is the art of Sticking customized Stickers on urban objects
Get a Blank sticker draw a picture on it then stick it on a wall or a bus or even a car. congratulations you've done your fist POI
by Will4352 June 25, 2006
Godly figure, muchly adored by all. Known for beating up dirty mosher with his sozart mates
'I love Poi, he's so amazing'

"Come on Poi, lets do some mosher bashin'"
by Jack May 05, 2005
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