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a girl who loves to ride the cock - the female superior position. this is usually the female front, not the cowgirl position so she can hold onto your chest while she bounces on the cock.
"Man, I just had Robin pogo sticking me for the last hour - she couldn't get enough of the ride!"
by jmes October 16, 2007
-A variation of the mic-check where you tap the PNRZ against the foreheads of various women in succession, often at a comically high speed.
"Man, I was pogo-sticking random females like a porn star last night, dude."
by Batrastard July 02, 2003
For exercise, attempting to perform push-ups while sporting an unintentional (or intentional) erection, often while wearing loose gym shorts.
My PT test was yesterday, and I lost 10 points on push-ups because I was pogo sticking.
by joedink January 20, 2014
The use of a pogo stick to perform amazing acrobatic stunts.
I'm going to go pogo-sticking now.
by PogoMastahYaYa January 20, 2004
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