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jumping up and down to music at a concert.
example from AFI lyrics "i wanna get a mohawk"

"I may be ten years old but I still know what's up
I wear my Cramp shirt almost every single day
I wanna sag my pants, I wanna pogo dance
But mom won't let me so I might just run away"
by Tearz April 02, 2005
A dance, associated with punk rock, invented by Sid Vicious (of the Sex Pistols). The dance is mainly characterized by jumping; everything else is optional.
The name is derived from the pogo stick.

Required: Jump!

Optional: Failing arms, kicking, thrashing, banging into people, and grinning like an idiot, or keeping arms and/or torso stiff and bouncing like a pogo stick.

Although it can seem violent to an outsider, pogo is all in fun - nothing to do with aggression - and though people occasionally get injured, those who fall are often helped up instead of being mashed by poser combat boots. It's a general understanding between concert-goers.
I couldn't see the band because all the poser mohawks were cutting my view, so I pogo danced through the whole set. Now I can't walk.
by GreeenHaze April 22, 2009
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