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Slang for Employment Insurance or Welfare. Derived from the Scottish word "pogie" which means workhouse. A workhouse being a place in the 1500's where beggars, children and others unable to support themselves were sent to work and in turn be taken care of.
"Fuck working all winter, im just gonna go on pogey like everyone else"
by outaliner January 23, 2009
Canadian: Unemployment Insurance
I lost my job, but I'm still collecting pogey.
by Smelly May 13, 2003
Canadian slang for employment insurance. Commonly used to refer to Newfoundlanders
Those Newfie's sure love to collect the pogey.
by bobbleian January 21, 2009
Shorthand for Pokémon.
After I caught that Darumaka on Route 4, my team finally had six Pogeys.
by faggot name taker November 04, 2011
Pogey: A pogey is a South African bear from the Amazon rain forests of Antarctica. Originally founded by Queen Victoria of New Brunswick the Pogey has formed the staple diet species of the South African Purple Tailed Frilled Mongoose (native to the mountains of Madagascar). Together they live in harmony defending Earth from the aliens from the planet Zimbabwe.
Mark: Whats a pogey?
Smokey: Well Mark, a pogey is...(see definition)
by Shotgun_mofo July 21, 2006
Verb meaning to butt-fuck. Used primarily in connotation with prison.
I pogeyed him in the wazoo-oo-ooh !!!
by Johnny Chingas May 02, 2004
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