The act of writing poetry within a set time limit on a randomly selected subject, often as a competition.
Let's have us a poetry slam tonight!
by Joe Blotz August 12, 2006
An event that takes place during school hours in which fat black women tell you how they don't want to be treated as objects, people tell their girlfriends how lustful they are, minorities telling you how they don't want to be judged, and politics by the boatload. All of these things will eventually consume not only your class time, but they will also eat into your lunch time, to the point where you have just enough time to buy food from the vending machine, and eat it on the way to your next class.
Person 1: dude, the Poetry Slam is tomorrow.
Person 2: well I better pack a lunch and some earplugs.


Man, that guest speaker is taking so long, its practically a Poetry Slam
by Alex Faber May 04, 2008

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