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a mispelling of "poop"
I wanted to say poop but I'm dumb and spelled it poep.
by Weener wanger March 16, 2003
11 62
Dutch and Afrikaans for "poop".
Pronounced the same as English.
by LudwigVan December 20, 2003
60 21
South African slang term for fart.
Mark: Oooo...I just had a sweet poep now....mmmm, can you smell that? It's quality!
Errol: Oh God yes.....silent but deadly!!

Fran: What's that's smell? John!! Did you poep now?!
John: No, it was the dog.
Fran: Stop blaming the poor dog! I know it was you. I can recognise that smell anywhere!
John: Okay fine, it was me. But hey, "wat nie rent betaal nie moet uit"! (those that don't pay the rent has to get out!)
by Serpent Tongue September 01, 2006
43 12
Dutch slang for 'nonsense'.
Einstein was no dictator of Germany! You talk poep, my friend...
by Aboraly September 01, 2006
21 26