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when you and/or your friends get "rolled on" by the police.
when you get caught by the cops.
"last night we got poed on while we were in the cemetery"

if you drink and drive you have the chance of getting poed on!
by jasmine July 23, 2004
10 52
A "polite" way to say, "Pissed off." Usually used when around little kids so not to taint their ears because they heard "grown-up language."
Hank: "Sanjaya got voted off American Idol April 18, 2007!"
Owen: "I know! That makes me so-
*notices little children around*
by Carrera's Wedge April 20, 2007
68 14
Pissed off. Angered!
I'm so fucking POed at Bob, because he fired me from Wal-Mart!
by Molly February 22, 2004
69 27
po'ed is an abbreviated version of Pissed Off.
pronounciation: pee-ode
I found out I had two science exams in one day, man am I "po'ed".
by feona June 23, 2006
27 6
abreviation for Pissed Off
dude that guy was so p-oed
by tha mann June 25, 2006
15 5
an abbreviation of the word pissed off. used when you are extremely mad at a person and feel like storming out the door quickly in a dramatic manner.
the slut did WHAT?! i can't believe it i am extremely P O'ed at her rigt now!
by squidoctapus November 21, 2009
5 0
To have your site sent to Portal of Evil.
Your site has been POE'd!
by POE'r May 06, 2008
8 5
Passed out.
P = Passed
Out = Out
Dude, she was so P.O.'ed at that party last night!
by gabriellaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 26, 2009
5 7