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Noun. Pronounced (Poe-eh-cree)--Any rendering of creative or poetic expression meant to either mimic or simply make fun of pre-existing poetic nuances of style. The most poignant poecry is often written when inebriated or otherwise indisposed. The word itself derives from a not-so-clever meshing of the words "Poetry" and "Mimicry." (Note: The example poecries the trite double quatrain rhyme scheme)
This poecry was inspired by all the ponies from the Mississippi to the Rio Grande:

Pony pony you're so cool!
youre sexy and neat and fun like the pool,
i ride you around in circles and circles
and play with you....merkles.

pony, pony, you're so sweet,
you make me happy, thats quite a feat,
you're fun on 4 legs, whoodeedoo,
now i'll hop on your back and take a ride on you!
by J-mizzledizzle July 12, 2008
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