To swoop in and steal a girl from a buddy when he is off buying drinks for said girl.
"Dude, Frank, why you drinking at the bar by yourself? Where's your chick at?"
"Making out with Mark."
"Oh snap! How'd that happen?"
"I left her for two seconds to get drinks and when I turned around, my buddy Mark was making out with her."
"Shit dude, you were straight up Podge'd!"
#cock block #drinking #make out #hooking up #stealing
by DeeBone July 14, 2006
Top Definition
A UK term which is the equivelant to 'stuffed' after eating a large amount of food or drinking a lot of liquid.
Person 1: Im Podged -.-
Person 2: You shouldn't eat so much then.
Person 1: I know -.-
#stuffed #english #british #food #liquid
by TMFK_Tom January 15, 2012
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