Comes from the Latin 'Podi Castae'

which literally meant 'Cast (upon my) audio-device'

In recent years this has used by people in the form Podcast, especially because of a leading audio player called the iPod.

Podcasts are programmes (audio or video) that are hosted (usually) on the Internet, where they can be downloaded On-Demand as audiences desire
Since their release, The Ricky Gervais Show Podcasts have continually been top of the charts.

Largely due to The Genius of Karl Pilkington.
by Charlie Y March 20, 2011
An .mp3 file recorded in the style of a talk radio broadcast. Coined originally by Apple when they began offering a free "have your own Internet radio show" service through iTunes. Popular podcasts range from "Mugglecast" to "Catholic Insider".

Also a verb meaning "to create a podcast".
Did you download this week's Official LOST podcast?
I wish I had the sweet pocasting abilities of the Mugglecast team.
by Ceep December 29, 2005
An online audio blog, made by people who typically sound like slightly camp nerds who most likely have no lives. It's pretty difficult to listen to one for more than about 5 minutes without laughing at them and then turning it off.
person 1: hey, did you listen to that podcast?
person 2: yeh, what a nerd. I felt bad for him making such a fool of himself while listening to it.
by MKHH July 09, 2005
n. A "trendy" Buzz word for a Compressed audio File. Made popular by people that don't know any better, this Compressed audio file has been around since 1995. It has further reached the rest of the people of the world by stupid Media Coverage that likes to use a constant flow of buzz words to sound "trendy" or "young" so as to attract the young viewers.
Hey did you listen to that podcast with that one famous dude that no one knows?
by Meest September 26, 2005
Radio shows fer yer musiky thingy.
Podcasts are awesome.
by Foxtrate June 29, 2005
To let it be known that you own an iPod.
Person A: Check out that muthafucka with the white earphones.

Person B: Yup. He be podcasting.

Person A: Let's jump the muthafucka!

Person B: No worth it, man. The POS
doesn't have gapless playback.
by Assweepay August 01, 2005

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