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A paintballteam member who sucks so much and never has a chance of playing in a big game, so he is left out by other teammates to fill their pods with paintballs and take care of their equipment. Also seen in tourneys carrying around boxes of paintballs and/or water/refreshments and running on errands for his team.
Fill my pods podbitch!

Oliver Lang will never be anyones podbitch, he is such a good player
by klacebo September 26, 2007

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a typically hot girl who fills pods with paint for a paintball player or team. she is usually a players girlfriend.
Dude did you see Jesse's new pod bitch? Damn she's hot.
by k'spodbitch September 03, 2011
a pod bitch, the person, usually girlfriend of a paintballer who fills up their pods with paintballs once they have been emptied by the player. the pod bitch has a very legit role. his or her help is appreciated from the entire team.

a rated G version would be pod loaders
"amber, as my official pod bitch your job is to fill these pods real good. they have to be full, to the top"

"where are those POD BITCHES?!?! our pods are empty"
by j's pod bitch August 24, 2008