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A plastic vagina used by men to arouse their penis. Is often shaped after a porn star.
Oh man, my Jenna Jameson pocket pussy feels just like the real thing.

by hggloub April 22, 2003
70 32
A portable false-vagina thats small enough to carry along with you.
Dude!, you should have seen Kev freak when he thought I found his pocket pussy in his truck !.
by Adonis May 21, 2005
407 106
in texas hold'em, getting dealt two queens as your hand
My pocket pussies were such a good hand that I won the pot.
by K-Hansen February 16, 2007
46 25
A kitten small enough to fit in your pocket.

The most desirable of cats, as "They are so cute at that age."
See also: Teacup Kitten
Pocket pussy (pussies) are the first to get adopted at an animal shelter.
by Ukir September 29, 2010
115 137