1: little fast-ass Asian motorcycle (see also rice rocket, crotch rocket)
2: a small finger-sized vibrator
1: big hairy idiots hate pocket rockets for owning their stupid, poorly-engineered harleys LOL
2: Sue from Talk Sex calls your mom's favorite toy a pocket rocket
by youblowafuse November 16, 2004
The act of masturbating like a ninja. One leans over a table, with one hand on the table, tucks his "fireman" between his legs and moves his leg up and down while smiling like he's just doing nothing but hanging out.
The hot new intern walked by, so I did the old pocket rocket right then and there during the business meeting, with no one the wiser.

I saw a cute nun at Church and did the old pocket rocket during the "Hallelujah" hymn.
by JesusWasAGayBlackHomosexual December 01, 2010
a small uncircumsized penis wiht alot of foreskin
dude steve L. showed me his pocket rocket! it was so tiny...
by ur dearest friend December 04, 2004
A pocket rocket is a concealed handgun
the yound punk was carrying a pocket rocket
by chief hanson November 02, 2004
when a male jacks-off by putting his hand in his pocket and rubbing his dick
Dude, on the subway last night there was no one on it and this totally hot babe walks by and I just had to to a pocket rocket!!!
by dj_jammer506 December 27, 2003
A smal, white vibrator. Costs about $40cdn and uses 2 'AA' batteries.

The best thing to ever happen to drunken sex.
Pocket rocketes rule.
by jrhather March 28, 2007
1)a yoyo
2)a small vibrator
3)a small back packing stove
1)i was playin with my pocket rocket all day yesterday

2)i was playin with my pocket rocket all day yesterday

3)i used my pocket rocket to cook dinner last night on the hike
by scott January 03, 2004

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