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1- a Japanese small turbo sedan.
2- in Texas hold'em, what you refer to as 'bullets' or aces.
1-wow!..look at that nikka ridin' in that pocket rocket Honda car, man..
2-John looked around and screened all faces to foretell who has them damn pocket rockets.
by hytham_hammer July 04, 2005
38 61
1: little fast-ass Asian motorcycle (see also rice rocket, crotch rocket)
2: a small finger-sized vibrator
1: big hairy idiots hate pocket rockets for owning their stupid, poorly-engineered harleys LOL
2: Sue from Talk Sex calls your mom's favorite toy a pocket rocket
by youblowafuse November 16, 2004
88 111
a marihuana joint prerolled at home for when you can't roll any more
let's fly with my pocket rocket!!
by peludo June 29, 2005
19 43
a small uncircumsized penis wiht alot of foreskin
dude steve L. showed me his pocket rocket! it was so tiny...
by ur dearest friend December 04, 2004
15 39
A smal, white vibrator. Costs about $40cdn and uses 2 'AA' batteries.

The best thing to ever happen to drunken sex.
Pocket rocketes rule.
by jrhather March 28, 2007
65 91
A pocket rocket is a concealed handgun
the yound punk was carrying a pocket rocket
by chief hanson November 02, 2004
36 62
1)a yoyo
2)a small vibrator
3)a small back packing stove
1)i was playin with my pocket rocket all day yesterday

2)i was playin with my pocket rocket all day yesterday

3)i used my pocket rocket to cook dinner last night on the hike
by scott January 03, 2004
29 57