masturbation with you hand in your pocket
(wankin off with you pants on)
God Dammit, stop playin pocketpool, and do it like a normal person
by Don Faith June 04, 2006
Top Definition
to indescertely play with your balls and catch a quick jack
your not cool, unless you play pocket pool....while sitting in ms.davis's class and everybody is staring and she is like, hey what are you doing, and i am like look bitch i am itching my ball for gods sake, would you like to help me out....go to the office, but .....mmmm can i wash my hands first...
by the ron July 22, 2004
Using your hand as a pool stick in your pocket. Usually involves jiggling or fondeling your own balls or dick.
"Man, I hit the eight ball in the corner pocket." Dr. Stutz

"Wow I scratced my ball while i was playing pocket pool." Jon Bacot
by Chiz nizzle April 03, 2003
to stick ones hand in a pants pocket, reach for ones sex pistol and grab it.
David is playing pocket pool again!
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
a euphemism for masturbation describing the penis as the pool cue
He was bored and lonely on friday night so he played a bit of pocket pool
by anonymous2511 September 07, 2008
The movement of ones hand to grab the meat and two veg in ones trousers.
Jake was playing pocket pool--the referee was a PRICK !!!
by amadeus April 08, 2005
Masturbation as a pastime as in an "alternative" to going out with buddies to actually play pool (or do anything else).
Dan refused to come to the movies with us. He stayed home to play pocket pool.
by Calitor October 12, 2011
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