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masturbation with you hand in your pocket
(wankin off with you pants on)
God Dammit, stop playin pocketpool, and do it like a normal person
by Don Faith June 04, 2006
to indescertely play with your balls and catch a quick jack
your not cool, unless you play pocket pool....while sitting in ms.davis's class and everybody is staring and she is like, hey what are you doing, and i am like look bitch i am itching my ball for gods sake, would you like to help me out....go to the office, but .....mmmm can i wash my hands first...
by the ron July 22, 2004
Using your hand as a pool stick in your pocket. Usually involves jiggling or fondeling your own balls or dick.
"Man, I hit the eight ball in the corner pocket." Dr. Stutz

"Wow I scratced my ball while i was playing pocket pool." Jon Bacot
by Chiz nizzle April 03, 2003
to stick ones hand in a pants pocket, reach for ones sex pistol and grab it.
David is playing pocket pool again!
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
a euphemism for masturbation describing the penis as the pool cue
He was bored and lonely on friday night so he played a bit of pocket pool
by anonymous2511 September 07, 2008
The movement of ones hand to grab the meat and two veg in ones trousers.
Jake was playing pocket pool--the referee was a PRICK !!!
by amadeus April 08, 2005
Two girls put one hand each in a gents front pants pockets and play with his “Que”
“Honey, can you take your keys out of your pockets? Jen and I want to play Pocket Pool?
by UncleC. July 24, 2008