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A vagina primarily used to store small objects. Also functions with full reproductive capabilities. It is possible to have in excess of one pocket vag.
"Hey Mickey, I just knocked up your left pocket vag. Also please return my video rental, I placed it in your left pocket vag for you. If it isn't returned by tommorow I will have to pay a $4.00 overdue fee.
by Kenny Shaw November 06, 2007
The kind of girl men usually are in a relationship with/marry, who are plainer boring non-talkative subdued women because its the next best thing to having nothing at all, its like having a pet that you can f*ck. They're usually brunette and short and somewhat pretty but never beautiful.
(go to maxim.com you'll find a lot or your local club)
2 hot single girls walk into a grocery store and see a pocket vag in the wonder bread isle with her boyfriend.

girl 1: it's not fair we're hot and still single!
girl 2: it's because we're not pocket vags
by maribbaby October 09, 2009