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When pornographic materials are stored or viewed on a handheld device, usually one with video &/or WiFi capabilities.
Dan: Dude, sweet iPhone! Whats the best feature?
Shaun: Dude, the pocket porn, easily.
Dan: Haha. Fo Sho.
by bombom November 01, 2007
A pornographic image or video displayed on a portable device (e.g. mp3 player, cellphone, Blackberry, etc.)
"Yo dude, lemme see that pocket porn. This class is so boring."
by Andrew J R October 25, 2007
When one stores or looks up porn on his or her ipod, iphone, or phone, hence it being "Pocket Size"
Shaun: Can I see your iTouch?
Cassie: Why?
Shaun: Cause you're a porn freak.
Cassie: Well you know I gotta have my pocket porn!
by cdins October 31, 2007
Porn or Nude photos stored to your mobile device
You would not believe all the pocket porn Alissa has!
by hushhushtech December 07, 2013

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