Historically a white quaterback without skills to runaway from big fast black defensive players. A pocket passer relies heavily on inherit whiteness to lock himself in a room and dissect NFL reruns all week. A pocket passer is the jock equivalent of a star wars fan with athletic ability and social skills.
Tavaris Jackson lacks the skills to be a good pocket passer.
chad pennington, dan marino, peyton manning, the white guy in necessary roughness
by sparta733 January 01, 2012
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Someone who sends their friends over to talk to members of the opposite sex on their behalf while they hang at the bar because they are afraid of getting rejected, much like a quarterback who stays in the pocket is afraid of getting hit if he moves.
Guy: Hey, do you wanna meet my friend Donovan?
Girl: Sure, where is he?
Guy: Over there, by the bar.
Girl: He's cute but why didn't he just come over here himself?
Guy: He's a pocket passer.
by SJN September 15, 2005

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